Anonymous Asked:
That picture of Kendall - are you in that picture? Was that yours? He's so adorable!

Yeah, it’s mine, but I figured you guys wouldn’t really want to see the whole picture anyway.

*:・゚✧ Happy 23rd Birthday Kendall Schmidt! *:・゚✧

*:・゚✧ Happy 23rd Birthday Kendall Schmidt! *:・゚✧

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Q: Which one of you will be the best dad? [x]

Big Time Rush trying to match which dog is who on the kids’ shirts. [x]

skymaxjewel Asked:
Okay, I found the pictures. Here's the link instagram(.)com/hoodstarluxury# I still don't know who he is or what he does but I guess he was driving Kendall around before the VMAs. Cool pics - thanks for finding them!.

Ah, thanks! Here’s the link to the pictures if anybody else wants to see it! ^^

Anonymous Asked:
I figured. I just didnt know if u knew who he was since u found the pictures

Haha, nope. I found them because he tagged it with bigtimerush on instagram and i check the tag occasionally. 

Anonymous Asked:
Do u know who the dude is in that pic with Kendall

I think he’s just his friend that went to the VMAs with him.